The Fashionable Cristiano Ronaldo


An exclusive interview with the world’s greatest footballer as he enters the fashion world via the CR7 Denim collection

We know Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s most famous athlete. Off the field, his interest in fashion has grown, as he has created a new fashion line—the CR7 Denim collection. Cristiano took a few moments to talk about the new line and the importance of having a personal style both on and off the field.

At what point did fashion become an important part of your life?
Fashion has always interested me, especially as my career progressed and the interest around what I wore grew. Denim in particular is something I’ve always been drawn to, and in many ways has become my off-field uniform.

Is there a designer in the fashion world that has inspired you in the same way you inspire young athletes?
There are a lot of designers I admire, but the inspiration for the CR7 Denim collection came from my day-to-day life. It was important that the collection worked with my active lifestyle, so we used the latest in stretch fabric technology to enable movement and flexibility without compromising on style.

Growing up, did you notice what some of your favorite athletes would wear off the pitch? If so, did it have an influence on you?
Absolutely—just like any kid, I wanted to be like my idols. That’s why I take being a role model very seriously—I want to be the best influence possible for my young fans.

Your confidence is part of what makes you the world’s greatest footballer. Did you have that same confidence when it came to fashion when you first became a professional athlete?
I’ve always been confident in what I wore, but as I’ve grown and learned more about fashion, I’ve gained more confidence to experiment with bolder looks and new designers, and the exploration has allowed me to find my personal style.

What is the most favorite article of clothing you have ever owned?
My CR7 Type-T jeans in the Navy Resin color with white paint splatter has quickly become my go-to jean. I actually wore them in the brand campaign film, and haven’t been able to take them off since. I helped create them and they have my name on them, which is a pretty amazing feeling.

As a world-famous athlete, do you feel that your fashion style can help inspire others to express themselves more creatively?
I hope so. I find fashion to be an incredible creative outlet in expressing who you are and how you feel. It’s so important to me that my clothes make me look good and feel good. That’s what really steered the development of my CR7 denim line.

You are one of the most creative athletes on the field in the world today. Do you feel that creativity extends to your personal style?
Thanks, that’s certainly nice to hear. In football you have to take risks, and I do think that applies to fashion as well.  I’m always trying to mix things up on the field to keep my opponents guessing, and I take the same approach in terms of experimenting with new styles and trends.

What made you decide to create a denim-inspired fashion line?
Denim has always been a big part of my wardrobe, but I would struggle to find stylish jeans that fit my athletic build and allowed me to move comfortably. That’s why the CR7 denim collection was designed with movement and comfort in mind. They are made to move with you, allowing you to live without limits.

Have your teammates expressed an interest in your clothing line? We imagine they would like the fit of the clothing.
As a footballer, I find that this collection fits my body really well, better than any other brand I’ve tried in the past, so yes, I think my teammates will be interested in the collection, for its style, fit and comfort level.

As one of the world’s most iconic athletes, how important was it to you that the clothing be accessible to people around the world?
That was definitely an important factor for me. This line is really for anyone who leads an active lifestyle like me, who want the style and look of denim without restricting their movement. With 4 different fits at 3 varying price points, there is really something here for everyone.

You have accomplished so many things on the field (with many more to come). What would you like to accomplish in your life off the field? What would you like your legacy off the field to be, and how does fashion play a part in that legacy?
I’m lucky that my career on the field has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. Off the field, I want to focus on growing the CR7 brand, so I do see a big role for fashion in that. The launch of CR7 Denim is a big step for me into the world of fashion, and hopefully my fans and fashion lovers will love what we’ve created just as much as I do.

Is it rewarding to see the impact that you’ve had on other young people through your success?
Absolutely, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I hope that my ambition and drive are a positive influence on young people, and that they’re inspired to chase their dreams just like I have.

How do you feel about the sport becoming so popular here in the United States?
I think it’s exciting that the sport is becoming so popular in the states. There are some amazing players in the United States, and it’s good to see that they too are influencing young people to go out and start playing and supporting the sport.

What message would you have to the young boys in the United States who practice every day in the hopes of becoming the next football star?
Only you are in control of your destiny, so keep practicing, working hard, and chasing your dreams.

Would you ever consider playing in the United States in the future?
While I think it’s wonderful that the sport is growing so quickly in the U.S., my life and my family are here (in Europe), so I don’t have plans to play in the States at the moment.

Is it true that one of your dad’s favorite actors was Ronald Reagan and that inspired your name Ronaldo?
It’s true—my father was a fan of Reagan as an actor, and named me after him because he felt it was a strong name.


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