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Soccer is fun.

Here in America, we often forget that. Whether it’s disillusioned fans tired of watching their club lose or maniacal parents screaming at referees, if we take one step back and allow ourselves to view the sport in a different way, it truly is the most beautiful game on Earth.

As a group of guys who either love or even play soccer (one of us is even a Premier League player), we made Radio Free Soccer as a haven for the growing number of people across America (and hopefully elsewhere) who want to enjoy the game again. We want to let the personalities of the game be your tour guides to the world’s greatest game. Hopefully along the
way, we’ll inspire you to check out a game yourself, whether it be on television, at a stadium near you, or in a country far away. In these divided times, soccer culture brings the world closer together.

We don’t have to root for the same team to share that joy. If you would like to hate on another team or player, then Twitter is the place for you!

For everyone else that wants to enjoy the world’s greatest game in all of its forms, we hope Radio Free Soccer becomes a second home for you. While you are here, please sign up for our newsletter so that we may keep you informed on events in your area. And please drop us a line if there is a person, place or thing in soccer culture that you would like us to cover.

We would love to hear from you.

Hoping to see you soon in a town near you,
–The Radio Free Soccer Staff



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